Dental aesthetic

Our approach to dental aesthetics

Our dental clinic in Lausanne has a broad view of dental aesthetics, in that we have a holistic approach so that your smile is pleasing to the eye and harmonious.
As effect we will improve your teeth with treatments. Cosmetic dentistry can be used to improve the general appearance of your teeth, and also to correct the discoloration of your teeth. We also intervene in the spaces between the teeth as well as on any premature wear. Thus, we perform both functional and technical aesthetic procedures to ensure dental harmony and lasting results.

Ceramic dental veneers and crowns

We manufacture ceramic veneers, crown inserts and inlays. Veneers are thin layers of dental materials that are applied to the visible surface of teeth. Veneers are applied over the most visible teeth such as incisors, premolars and canines. Inlays or crowns are dental prostheses. These are cemented “caps” that are placed on a natural tooth.

As you can see, dental aesthetics is a broad field and responds to various types of unwanted aesthetic problems that are specific to each individual. Our state-of-the-art dental and facial esthetics clinic provides an appropriate and tailored response to each patient, thanks to our extensive range of cutting-edge techniques.

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