Dental care for children

When dentists talk about child dental care, they are actually referring to a period of time that extends from birth to adolescence.

Why should you see a pediatric dentist?

It is essential that children have healthy teeth to ensure their well-being. Good chewing promotes good digestion, food assimilation and consequently, good development. Having healthy teeth also ensures good pronunciation when the child is in his or her learning phase.

The child’s first visit to the dentist

It is common to have a first visit to a dentist before the age of two. This consultation allows new parents to receive recommendations on children’s oral hygiene, as well as informed advice on their diet. It is also the child’s first opportunity to familiarize himself or herself with the environment of a medical practice. Future care will certainly be carried out under better conditions, without excessive stress.

Dental care frequency for children

Very often, parents ask how often a child should have his or her teeth examined by a health professional. It is customary to monitor children’s teeth very regularly, at least twice a year. Younger patients are particularly prone to cavities. Careful monitoring will make it possible to detect any emerging problems and provide rapid care so that the future adult’s teeth are as healthy as possible. A first examination is also used to diagnose dental structural anomalies and rare diseases. In this case, it is recommended to treat them as soon as possible.

Dental care for children

In case of dental trauma, it is important to quickly consult a dentist, regardless of whether your child has suffered trauma on temporary or permanent teeth. Children may not be cooperative in taking care of their own health. Therefore, and in agreement with the parents, it is sometimes advised to perform general anaesthesia. This type of procedure can also occur when the child has many carious lesions. In all cases, parents are informed in advance by the dentist who will take the time to explain why general anaesthesia is recommended. Of course, in the case of general anaesthesia of the child, a pre-surgical consultation is needed. It allows the anaesthetist to collect all the useful and necessary information in order to put the child to sleep safely. The child visits the dentist again two to three weeks after the procedure, and a dental follow-up is then scheduled.

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