Dental hygiene and check-ups

The importance of good oral hygiene

There are many potential risks associated with poor oral hygiene. Dental or periodontal infectious foci can affect your body. Studies have also shown a causality between poor oral hygiene and increased risk of vascular heart disease. Other risks include a significant risk of endocarditis or lung abscess. Poor oral hygiene can lead to an infectious outbreak, which can compromise a joint prosthesis implant. Finally, unexpected consequences include the risk of premature delivery.

How to maintain impeccable dental hygiene?

In order to maintain your health, it is recommended to take care of your teeth with a few simple actions. It all starts with a daily brushing of at least three minutes a day. It is also important to perform regular inter-dental cleaning. A soft brush is preferable, as well as the regular replacement of the toothbrush, which can be a nest for bacteria. Finally, you should choose your toothpaste carefully, preferably one containing amine fluoride. The dentists at Clinique LeLake in Lausanne are available to answer any questions if you need advice. Finally, professional scaling is recommended every six months.

Why should you have a regular dental check-up?

Good oral hygiene contributes to good general health. Therefore, with frequent dental checks, you preserve your health capital.


Dental check-up frequency

Dental check-ups vary according to the risks associated with each patient. However, it is recommended to have a dental check-up performed at least every six months to a year. The practitioner will be able to diagnose if you need a simple scaling or if a more extensive procedure is required. Putting your health in the hands of a health professional is a guarantee to maintain your health capital.

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