Dental whitening

A beautiful smile is associated with bright white teeth However, over time your teeth may have yellowed because of coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, aging or poor dental hygiene.
Our dentists are pleased to welcome you for a dental whitening session in our dental clinic in Lausanne.

Existing solutions to restore a bright smile.

Dental whitening involves administering a whitening agent on the teeth. This whitening agent will then act on the enamel of the teeth to remove stains and color stains in order to lighten the teeth.

Duration of a dental whitening treatment

Dental whitening is not permanent, so it is recommended to consult a dental specialist regularly in order to repeat the procedure; a treatment once every two years is enough to optimize the whiteness of your teeth.

Several dental whitening methods

There are several solutions to whiten your teeth, but whitening your teeth in a dental clinic is the most effective, safe and time-saving method. It takes between one to two hours of treatment to reach the desired results. Thanks to this method, your teeth will gain two or three shades of white.

Tooth whitening procedure

In our dental clinic, dentists have the option of using a laser tooth whitening device. This technique allows the whitening product to penetrate the tooth better. The results are very quick with this technique, as they can be seen in just one hour.
The whitening session in our dental practice is carried out in several stages. We will first proceed to a thorough examination and then perform a scaling.
Only after these two preliminary steps do our doctors apply a protective cream to your lips. The last step is the application of the whitening product.
Having your teeth whitened in a clinic offers several significant advantages. The dentist is fully dedicated to your care and has experience in this type of procedure to ensure optimal results. In addition, you benefit from the best medical technologies as well as expert and personalized guidance from your dentist.
Our professional dentists are also able to offer you additional care if necessary and diagnose any problems related to your teeth. Our dental doctors are here to give you in-depth advice on how to protect the shine of your teeth. The expertise of your healthcare professional ensures that your care runs smoothly. Compared to using a home whitening kit, going to a dentist guarantees you a radiant whiteness of more than 6 months compared to only a few weeks with alternative methods such as the use of unreliable strips and pens.

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