Fastbraces orthodontics

Our dental clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland, offers you a revolutionary new method to straighten your teeth in half the time it takes to do so with standard braces. Our practitioners are certified by the fastbraces brand. This guarantees that the dentists in our clinic will use the fastbraces products under optimal conditions, and will be fully trained in the latest practices and methods related to this type of dental equipment.

What are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces is a method of care that brings new life to orthodontics. Thanks to an ingenious system of braces, teeth are straightened twice as quickly than traditional methods. The cost of this method is also cheaper. This system guarantees fast and efficient results. Generally, conventional orthodontics shift the teeth in two stages. First, the tooth crown is aligned. Then, a year later, work is done on the position of the tooth root. Fasbraces use supports that are based on a more mechanical principle. This new method takes into account the position of the tooth root from the beginning of the treatment. The tooth is then oriented towards its final position. As a result, a double action is carried out, which results in significant time savings. It is recommended to complete the first phase with a follow-up treatment of three months to one year, whereas traditional orthodontics used to take an average of two years.


The advantages of the Fastbraces method

University studies have shown that Fastbraces are less painful than traditional orthodontics. In fact, this technology generates low friction forces, which reduces the phenomenon of frictional and sliding pain. In addition to the advantages in pain reduction and treatment duration, Fastbraces orthodontics is less constraining for the patient than traditional orthodontics. No restraint system is required to be worn for hours and hours, or even for several months after the initial treatment. Instead, using a daily retention for only 15 to 20 minutes is needed. In conclusion, thanks to the technology developed by Fastbraces, patients’ pain is reduced, treatment is twice as fast, and dental costs are more affordable.

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