What is profiloplasty?

Profiloplasty is a procedure that consists in transforming a person’s face. It is a plastic surgery operation that involves several facial structures such as the nose or chin in order to get a more harmonious look. We perform this type of profiloplasty procedure in LeLake clinic in Lausanne.

The face and profileoplasty

Each individual face is made up of three areas: the forehead, the nose and the area between the lips and the chin. Harmony between these three areas is what makes a face more pleasant to look at. Profiloplasty can be used to correct the proportions of one or more of these areas. Several surgical operations are available to improve the size and shape of a nose or to bring a chin forward, for example. These technical procedures are called rhinoplasty or genioplasty and are also associated with other surgical procedures such as plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery. These are all complementary disciplines that enable us to meet the needs of the patient as a whole.


How does a profiloplasty procedure unfold?

The patient is given a general anesthetic for any profiloplasty surgery. Generally, the procedure lasts between one and a half to two hours. Rhinoplasty involves removing the skin and mucosa from the bone and cartilage skeleton and then shaping the nose into the desired shape. In order for the nose to heal properly, it is recommended not to engage in any strenuous activity that could damage its structure for three weeks.

Genioplasty is an operation that allows an implant to be placed on the bone. Following the operation, the patient is then put in a cast, with a chin strap worn for only twenty-four hours, to be quickly replaced with a simple bandage. This bandage should be kept for one week. Both are removed within eight to twelve days. The patient can then resume normal activity fifteen days after the operation. Approximately six months will be required to assess the final results. When it comes to genioplasty, the patient can go home quickly. The final results will be visible within three months. For either of these two operations, the patient remains under observation for only twenty-four to forty-eight hours when the pain is mild.

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