Reconstructive oral surgery

What is reconstructive oral surgery?

Oral surgery is a relatively recent specialty that addresses both jaw and associated tissue diseases. Very often, this type of surgery helps a patient to return to a “normal” anatomy after a trauma. This speciality is based on oral implantology but it can also involve pre-implant surgery with bone grafts, for example. Reconstructive oral surgery requires additional expertise in jaw surgery, salivary pathologies, alveolar and mandibular traumatology, oral dermatology… These specialties require complex knowledge that are essential for a holistic approach. As such, oral surgery is at the intersection of two other specialties: maxillofacial surgery and dental surgery. Knowledge in otolaryngology and reconstructive surgery is also useful for successful patient care.

The first appointment for a reconstructive oral surgery

In Lelake clinics We offer you a thorough examination during a first appointment. This diagnosis phase allows us to make an initial assessment of the patient’s health and to design a follow-up plan for subsequent care.


Pre-implant phases

Very often, patients come to us after a trauma. In this case, your bone and tissue may have been damaged. To achieve this, it is important to restore the missing structures before considering the use of a dental implant. This is why it is necessary to reconstruct the bone and soft tissue before placing a dental implant. This phase may take time but it is critical to a successful placement of a dental implant or crown. These preliminary precautions allow us to obtain natural and stable results over time.

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